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Windshield Chip Repair

Fix Rock Chips Before They Spread!

Rock Chip damage on your windshield can look like a Bull's Eye, Spider Web, Half Moon or even a Starburst. Rock chips have the potential to spread into a longer cracks requiring a complete windshield replacement.

It is best to have rock chip damage fixed as soon as possible! Extreme temperature variations like quickly rising summertime heat and / or the physical stress of a bumpy road can aggrevate the damage, causing it to spread across the surface of the windshield.

Sherman Jacobs founded Action Windshield Repair in 1996 and is a very experienced auto glass professional who has been fixing windshield rock chips, stars and elongated cracks for 20 years. Action Windshield has helped save many Colorado customers from the cost of entire windshield replacement.

In 2013, Action Windshield Repair moved headquarters back to Lakewood, Colorado providing mobile windshield repair service to the surrounding west metro neighborhoods of Bear Valley, Belmar, Foothills, Green Gables, Green Mountain, KenCaryl, Littleton, Morrison, Sheridan and Wheatridge. Got Windshield Damage? Contact Action Windshield Repair @ 303-322-0123.

Need New Auto Glass?

Repair When You Can ~ Replace When You Must

Sometimes you just need a new windshield...

Is your front windshield beyond the scope of rockchip repair or do you need a new back windscreen or side window auto glass replacement part?

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  • Auto Ins. Glass Claims

    Need help with a windshield rockchip repair claim? We are here to help! Call Sherman @ 303-322-0123

    Insurance Approved Windshield Repairs

    In the State of Colorado, insurance companies such as Amica, Geico, Esurance, Farmers, Progressive, Travelers, USAA and many others will usually waive an auto policy deductible when a windshield can be repaired, instead of being replaced.

    Glass Only auto insurance claims are usually considered "no cost" or no out of pocket expense to the policy holder. And our windshield repairs are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee against further spreading!

    If you would like assistance in submitting a windshield glass repair claim with your auto insurance carrier and / or if you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us @ 303-322-0123 -- Don't worry! because we take care of the paperwork!


  • Dara D.*


    "I had a pretty long edge crack that had grown a couple inches in just days. Other companies generally wouldn't agree to repair it because it was larger than a dollar"... "I was worried I might have to have my windshield replaced. Sherman came out to where I work the day I called and fixed it within a half hour. He called my insurance company on the phone and made sure it was covered at no cost to me..."

  • Jessi C.*


    "This is probably my first review ever. I wanted to take the time to express how incredibly grateful I am of this amazing customer service provided by Sherman. Sherman answered my phone call promptly ten minutes after I received the rock chip and wow, what a great person. He met me half way as I was clear across town and he was already at home and done for the day. He fixed the chip and described in detail, his process and the over all construction of a windshield..."

  • vicky P.*


    "Kids, here's a lesson for you: when a rock dings your windshield, cover the area with a piece of scotch tape to prevent dirt from getting inside the crack and get it fixed as soon as possible. Don't wait six months like I did. Sherman taught me that. I wish I would have called Sherman sooner..."

  • Brian T.*


    "Action Windshield Repair just stopped by this morning to fix a new crack in my Honda Accord's front windshield. It's owned and operated by a guy named Sherman Jacobs who's been in the business of fixing windshields for the past 13 years. He's a friendly guy and was very accommodating with setting up a time to come by and fix the crack on site. His price of $45 seems very competitive with the other places I called (actually the lowest) and his work was great..."